Tim Parker has been a columnist for over a dozen magazines since 1981 (Computer Language Magazine!). A few of his columns are reprinted here for reference. The columns available will rotate occasionally.

Tim's popular columns from Canadian Computer Reseller and Channel Business magazine are available through the links at left and below. These are all series of columns displayed in frames. You can navigate from column to column using the links on each page.

Questions and Answers: Tim responds to reader's questions

Advanced Networking shows you all about those advanced networking topics like VPNs, RAS and RRAS, Proxy Servers, and so on.

Cobalt Networks' Qube and RaQ: fast and easy Web servers.

e-Commerce shows you how to get a commercial Web site up and running with the minimum of effort. At least, that's the theory.

Ethernet shows you some of the emerging technologies using Ethernet, as well as some tricks and tips for installing and managing an Ethernet network.

Firewalls and encryption looks at firewalls, proxy servers, encryption and other security issues you need to know about. Protect your data!

Gateways, VPNs and more... looks at a bunch of turn-key gateways, office servers, and a VPN setup.

Internet Services and the Web looks at how you can get on-line with your own Web site and other Internet Services. How to do it properly, cheaply, and quickly!

Peer to peer networks shows you how to quickly install and configure a simple TCP/IP peer-to-peer network. You'll see how to choose NICs, hubs and cables, and how to configure several operating systems.

Remote Access Servers shows you what remote access servers (RAS) are, why you want one, and how to set one up. Many choices are explained.

Turnkey Web Servers looks at the turnkey solutions from Cobalt Networks, including the RaQ, NASRaQ, and Qube.

Virtual Private Networks: How to choose a VPN, a VPN ISP, or a turn-key VPN solution.

Y2K: The end of the world? looks at the Y2K problem, what it is, how you can tackle it, and whether you should be buying a cabin in the woods stocked with water and toilet paper.