bullet The best UNIX reference I've ever seen - Michael Wilson, Washington D.C.
bullet Excellent reference. Every UNIX user should have a copy - David Daseault, Minneapolis MN
bullet A mandatory part of every UNIX user's desk set - Janice Gibbs, Vancouver BC
bullet The best reference we've seen - UNIX Expert Magazine
bullet Beats man pages hands down - UNIQUE: The UNIX Systems Information Source

UNIX User's Handbook is an alphabetical reference to all UNIX commands a user will encounter. Each command is listed with compatibility to several UNIX versions, full syntax, a discussion of the command, examples of use, and notes explaining any variations or problems with each command. Each command is on a separate page (many commands takes several pages) for easy reference. Originally written to provide an all-encompassing reference to UNIX user commands across two dozen UNIX variants, the book has no equivalent on the market, even today.

Tim Parker's UNIX User's Handbook was written in 1990 and originally published by MicroTrend. The publisher went bankrupt in 1992 leaving the book in copyright limbo. Enough people have requested copies of the book to convince TPCI to republish the Handbook privately, enhanced and updated.

Our privately published version of UNIX User's Handbook has been completely reformatted, updated, and verified against today's UNIX versions. The book itself is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing:

bullet a full Acrobat .pdf version of the book
bullet a full Postscript .ps version of the book
bullet a hyperlinked HTML version of the book (works with any browser)

This privately printed copy of UNIX User's Handbook is not available anywhere else. You can only order a copy directly from us. For full ordering details, send e-mail to sales@tpci.com. Each UNIX User's Handbook (printed book and CD-ROM) is $39.95, shipping and handling included.

SORRY, WE SOLD OUT! We will be reprinting soon so if you are interested in copies, please send us email!

Author's Special!

Each copy of the Handbook is autographed and personalized by the author (unless you specify otherwise).