Blast Software’s Blast file transfer utility has been in use in many locations for years. Blast does one job -- file transfers – and it does it very well. The idea behind Blast is to provide as flexible a file transfer tool as possible and bundle extra features like a scripting language and automation facilities into one dedicated package.

Blast is available for a number of platforms, including Intel-based UNIX and Linux, as well as Windows, Macintosh, and UNIX workstations. Blast allows file transfers over networks, serial ports, or modems (in fact, over any device that can be attached to a serial port).

Blast can use its own proprietary protocol for file transfers between machines running Blast, as well as FTP and the usual alphabet soup of supported file transfer protocols (Kermit, Xmodem, Ymodem and Zmodem). The fastest of the bunch is the proprietary protocol, modestly called “the Blast protocol”, which provides for noticeably shorter transfers for two reasons. The first is because Blast uses the modem or network’s maximum speed possible, reducing handshaking to a minimum, by using a sliding window approach for constant streaming of data as well as on-the-fly compression. The second reason is that Blast can pick up an interrupted file transfer without having to retransfer the entire file.

One of the strengths of Blast is the scripting language, which allows people who have never programmed before create automated routines. Using the scripting language it’s easy to create autopoll scripts that will dial up or connect to remote machines and handle any queued file transfers. This is especially useful for unattended operation, or repeated transfers throughout a day. While some systems will not require this capability, commercial operations or companies with many locations will find automated transfers very handy. The interface to Blast is character based, and allows you to enter information like logins and passwords for access to remote machines.

If you have files to transfer, it’s hard to find a better tool than Blast. This is especially true if you need to automate the transfers.

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Summary: The easiest was to transfer files between UNIX, Linux and Windows. Excellent scripting tool, fast transfers!