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These are selected articles from over 3,500 articles, reviews and columns I have published. There is a slow rotation of article contents on the site, mostly based on reader requests for subject information. So, some articles are dropped and others added mostly at random, with newer articles and reviews maintained on this site after publication.

Recent Computer Articles (for various purposes)

bullet AJAX 3.5 Overview: What's AJAX 3.5 about?
bullet ASP.NET 3.5 Overview: What's new in Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5
bullet Network Basics: an overview of TCP/IP, and the IP protocol
bullet Networking Analysis: an introduction to networking basics
bullet TFS: a look at using VSS and TFS in VS2008 TFS
bullet T-SQL BACKUP and RESTORE statements from the command line
bullet Website Vulnerabilities: SQL injection and cross-site scripting
bullet Visual Studio: A Short History
bullet Visual Studio 2008 Editions: Which edition should you use (Part 1)
bullet Visual Studio 2008 Editions: Which edition should you use (Part 2)
bullet WPF: Windows Presentation Framework overiew

Recent Photographic Articles (for various purposes)
bullet Guide Numbers: What they really mean
bullet Making Eyes Pop: Adding Emphasis to Eyes in a Portrait Using PhotoShop (PDF Format)
bullet Masks: Using Quickmasks in PhotoShop (PDF Format)
bullet Removing Flyaway Hair: Tweaking Hair in PhotoShop (PDF Format)
bullet Using Duotones: Creating Duotone images in PhotoShop (PDF Format)

Canadian Computer Reseller articles from 1998:
bullet Tim Parker's Editor’s Choice Awards 1998 (December 1998)
bullet Digital Snaps: digital cameras and photography (January 1998)

Canadian Computer Reseller classic articles (prior to 1998):
bullet 56k Modems: New Technology or Marketing Material? (May 1997)
bullet Input Devices: Look what’s happened to my Mouse, Ma (March 1996)
bullet Multimedia Gets Standardized (March 1997)
bullet Seeing Through the Intranet Smoke (October 1996)

Digital Foto
(Digital Photography):
bullet Achieving film effects with digital manipulation
bullet Lexmark Z52 Color Jetprinter
bullet Lighting a Portrait
bullet LizardTech’s MrSID
bullet Low-light photography
bullet Nikon Coolpix 990
bullet Pentax EI200
bullet Photographing natural wonders
bullet Underwater photography

Linux Journal
bullet M-Tech’s P-Synch: changing the way we change passwords (January 1999)

Linux Server Computing articles and reviews from 2001:
bullet Appgen BAG: Application Generator for Linux
bullet Benchmark Tape Systems DLT-1
bullet UNIX and Linux Clusters
bullet Comtrol RocketPort Plus
bullet Digi AccelePort Xp
bullet Easy Information Technology’s easyLinux and easySamba
bullet GSX Server
bullet IBM Small Business Suite For Linux
bullet ISIS ImageStream Enterprise Router
bullet Instagate EX
bullet PFU Happy Hacking keyboard
bullet 3Rsoft MailStudio@Message
bullet Communicado: Fax for the desktop
bullet IOLink 520
bullet Sangoma Wanpipe S5141
bullet SuSE 7.1: Bigger and better
bullet Software AG Tamino: XML Toolkit
bullet Veritas NetBackup
bullet Volution from Caldera
bullet Western Telematic Console Management Switch

Maximum Linux
bullet Clustering
bullet Configuring NFS under Linux
bullet DNS and Linux
bullet Gigabit Ethernet
bullet Linux UPSs
bullet RAID and Linux
bullet Tapedrives and Linux
bullet Three Linux Firewall Packages
bullet Turn-key network servers

PC Pilot
(a UK flight simulation magazine):
bullet Just Flight’s Korean Combat Pilot (June 2001)

SCO World Magazine articles and reviews from 2000:
bullet Linux Backup Software
bullet Double-conversion 2kVA UPSs
bullet PCI WAN cards
bullet Tarantella and Metaframe
bullet Terminal emulators for UNIX and Linux
bullet UNIX and its kin: UNIX and Linux comparo
bullet 3Ware Escalade IDE RAID Controller
bullet Benchmark DLT7 Autoloader
bullet Blast: File Transfers the easy way
bullet Cactus Air-Bag and Lone-Tar for UnixWare
bullet CommuniGate Pro Mail Server
bullet Computronics Logmon
bullet Comtrol RocketPort Serialhub Si
bullet Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 for Linux
bullet Digi MiLAN 10/100 Ethernet Switches
bullet Ecrix VXA Tape Drive
bullet FacetWin 3
bullet Kingston Fast EtheRx Hub
bullet Lutris Enhydra 3.0
bullet MaxSpeed +OneStation
bullet Maxtor MaxAttach
bullet Mobilesys EtherPage
bullet Omnis Studio 2.4
bullet Ovrimos SQL Server
bullet Storm Firewall
bullet TrippLite’s Unison 1000 UPS
bullet TrippLite’s Smart Unison 6K UPS
bullet UniTrends Backup Professional 1.3
bullet Veritas Backup Exec
bullet VSI-Fax 4.0

SCO World Magazine articles and reviews from 1999:
bullet Cactus Shell Lock (First Look, November 1999)
bullet Century Software’ s TinyTERM (First Look, July 1999)
bullet Cyclades PR-4000 RAS (First Look, November 1999)
bullet FacetWin 2.1 (First Look, January 1999)
bullet Interface Systems’ CLEO TN3270E (First Look, April 1999)
bullet ISDN Remote Access Servers (Review Article, November 1999)
bullet Microlite’s BackupEdge (First Look, November 1999)
bullet Multitech Proxy Server (First Look, August 1999)
bullet PowerQuest’s BootMagic and PartitionMagic (First Look, January 1999)
bullet Savoir Technology SavWareHA (First Look, July 1999)
bullet Seay Easyspooler (First Look, November 1999)
bullet Stallion EasyServer II (First Look, July 1999)
bullet Transitional Technology Inc’s Series 2300 DLT tape subsystem (First Look, August 1999)
bullet TrippLite UPS (First Look, January 1999)
bullet TRAVAN Tape Drives (Review article, April 1999)
bullet Uninterruptible Power Supplies (Review article, August 1999)
bullet WAN Boards (Review Article, July 1999)
bullet WinFast (First Look, April 1999)
bullet Wyse Network Terminal 5355SE (First Look, August 1999)

SCO World Magazine articles and reviews from 1998:
bullet 1776 Fault-Freedom II (First Look, March 1998)
bullet Arco DupliDisk-PCI (First Look, April 1998)
bullet Caldera’s Linux Family (Article January 1998)
bullet Comtrol Interchange VS 100 (First Look, January 1998)
bullet Comtrol Rocketmodem (First Look, January 1998)
bullet Clustering For Protection (Article, July 1998)
bullet Cyclades Ze Multiport Serial System (First Look, March 1998)
bullet Dialogic CT-Connect (First Look, March 1998)
bullet DPT RAIDStation and ServerOnCall (First Look, April 1998)
bullet Elan License Manager (First Look, February 1998)
bullet J. River ICE.TCP Pro (First Look, March 1998)
bullet Innomedia’s InnoWave (First Look, September 1998)
bullet KL Group PageFormatter (First Look, February 1998)
bullet NeoWare’s NeoStation Network Computer (First Look, February 1998)
bullet Network Instruments WinSock Companion (First Look, March 1998)
bullet NFS Gateways for Windows NT (Review article, August 1998)
bullet Office Applications (Article, February 1998)
bullet Remote Access Servers (Review article, July 1998)
bullet SBE’s wanXL (First Look, September 1998)
bullet SCO Tarantella (Article, January 1998)
bullet SpellCaster Babylon (First Look, January 1998)
bullet Tactix ReEngineering Inc’s Multiple Remote Copy (First Look, July 1998)
bullet Tridia’s Doublevision (First Look, September 1998)
bullet UnixWare 7: revolution or revision? (Article, March 1998)
bullet Upgrading to OpenServer 5 and UnixWare 7 (Article, September, 1998)
bullet WRQ’s Express Meter (First Look, March 1998)
bullet WRQ's Reflection NFS Gateway (First Look, July 1998)

Windows NT Expert
bullet DHCP, Part 1
bullet DHCP, Part 2

Windows NT Systems
bullet Accessing Mainframe and Minicomputers: X marks the spot (Article, June 1998)
bullet Active Directory: A network-wide NT Filesystem (Article, July 1997)
bullet Buttoning Up Your System (Article, January 1998)
bullet Comtrol RocketPort and RocketModem (Review, January 1998)
bullet DHCP, WINS and DNS (Article, January 1998)
bullet E-Z Lock: Protecting your laptop (Review, July 1999)
bullet Norton Uninstall Deluxe (Review, January 1998)
bullet Norton Utilities and Norton Crashguard (Review, September 1999)
bullet Office 2000: Worth upgrading? (Review, August 1999)
bullet P-Synch: Making Network Life Easier (Review, January 1998)
bullet RAID: Saving Your Data (Article, January 1998)
bullet RoboMon: System management made easy? (Review, March 1998)
bullet Vital Signs’ Net.Medic (Review, December 1997)
bullet Windows NT 4: A Critical View (Article, January 1997)