About Tim

Dr. Tim Parker has been working with, and writing about, computers since 1976. Since then, he has worked with dozens of computer trade and consumer magazines, writing over 3,500 feature articles, reviews, and opinion pieces. Some of these pieces are available on this site. Tim has also written dozens of books on a wide variety of topics, ranging from Linux System Administration to Macromedia Flash. Several of his books are still available through commercial channels, and many are privately reprinted for corporate use.

Tim was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1958 and moved to Montreal, Quebec in 1965. Many moves later (including St. Johns, Newfoundland, followed by Toronto, Ontario, then back to England for three years, then a return to Toronto) Tim started at the University of Toronto in 1977. In 1979 Tim moved to Ottawa, Ontario, and attended the University of Ottawa studying the field of inorganic chemistry, graduating with several degrees in the Chemistry field. During his undergraduate and doctoral research, he worked extensively with computers for chemical reaction analyses, and this led to a deep interest in computer science (a field in which he later pursued another Doctorate degree).

Tim published his first articles about programming while still an undergraduate, and started writing monthly columns for two magazines in 1981. Since then, his interest has ranged from programming languages through UNIX, Linux, TCP/IP, Web development, and computer security issues.

In 1981, Tim was one of the founding contributing editors to Computer Language Magazine (renamed to Software Development Magazine a half dozen years later), as well as a contributor to the C User's Journal. He worked extensively with UNIX Review, UNIX World, SCO World, Advanced Systems Magazine, Linux Server Computing, Maximum Linux, and several other Linux and UNIX magazines. He has contributed to dozens of other magazines on Windows, Web programming, and computer security.

Tim started teaching courses in 1983, using his easily-understood approach to programming to teach C, C++, Fortran, Java, UNIX, shell programming, FrameMaker, and dozens of other subjects over the years. With over 600 courses taught to Fortune 500 companies, military, and law enforcement organizations, Tim is a sought-after instructor. His courses are always given the highest assessments by students, and he has several times been awarded "Instructor of the Year". In 1998 Tim began a project to convert his most popular courses to video, allowing those organizations that could not afford or justify on-site courses to benefit from the same course material as a live session. Dozens of these courses were made available in several formats, including DVD and streaming media, from Timothy Parker Training Systems Inc. These courses have been adopted by large corporations and military branches as a fast, easy, and inexpensive way to teach subjects without requiring a classroom presence.

Tim has been a consultant since leaving university, working with companies from Xerox and Wang in the mid 1980s, to Nortel, Newbridge Networks, and Alcatel since then. Leaving Nortel in 2001, Tim started concentrating on technical management and has acted in the Vice President and CTO roles for several start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.  His musings on leadership and executive roles can be seen at www.timonleadership.com

Tim has extensive experience with quality processes and initiatives, being involved in certification efforts for ISO 9000, CMMI (SEI), TL9000, and ISO 27001. Tim is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt and uses Six Sigma methodologies in many projects. He is also an Agile SCRUM Master.

Tim's interests go beyond computers. He's a licensed pilot and SCUBA diver, and has written articles on the subjects of flying, diving and underwater photography. He has been a semi-professional photographer for decades, writing articles on a wide variety of photographic subjects. He is also a music enthusiast, and has written reviews of both music and high-end audio equipment for several publications.