I'm Tim Parker! Welcome to my repository of articles and other publications. I have been writing professionally for over 25 years and in that time have written more than 50 commercially-published books, over 3,500 articles and reviews for news-stand magazines, and written hundreds of internal company documents for a wide range of customers. For information on custom technical writing projects, click here.

My technical writing covers three major areas:

Technical Content
(Articles, specifications, help files, and books)

Marketing Content
(Articles, reviews, brochures, and so on)

Reference Content
(Specifications, design documents, and so on)





I can produce User Guides, Technical References, and Product Specifications with excellent quality. On-line help files, either in CHM or HXS format, are done for many customers. Press releases, Web site content, and any other custom writing tasks are welcome.

For an estimate for your technical or marketing writing requirements, email me at tparker@tpci.com

For my main corporate site, visit www.tpci.com. For the utilities I have written and offer for sale, visit www.pixelutilities.com. For my training programs, visit www.parkertraining.com. For my musing on leadership and executive life please visit www.timonleadership.com.

Thanks for visiting!